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ERGOMOVER – Why push your material around the jobsite manually when there is a better solution?

You would not use a pulley and rope instead of a crane- why would you then push your material around manually? Ergomover 3300 takes over the heavy pulling, pushing and lifting when it comes to moving materials around a jobsite, industrial facilities or special events.

ErgoMover 3300

The ErgoMover 3300 Standard model comes equipped with a powerful all-terrain drivetrain with electric motors and hydraulic lifting and lowering function. The hydraulic system makes it possible to off-load material onto sawhorses or stacking devices. The ErgoMover trolley has 3300 lb payload and with a width of 2ft 3in, it can easily access standard doors.

ErgoMover – All the different models available

  • ErgoMover 3300- Rotator with a 360-degree continuous rotating table.
  • ErgoMover 3300 Manipulator with hydraulic tilting function that allows materials to be tilted from horizontal to a vertical position.
  • ErgoMover Basic provides a safe transport solution for those that do not need to lift or lower materials but just transport them from point A to B.