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Winlet 1320

Winlet 1320 – a lighter model with high lifting capacity

The Winlet 1320 window lift is specifically designed to those applications that has a need for a light weight model, yet optimized capacity to handle heavier loads up to 1320 lbs. in so-called short-range installations. Like the Winlet 770, the Winlet 1320 has 4 hydraulic functions and a vacuum swivel.

The obvious choice

The unique adjustment options for the suction cups and linear movements at the front end make the Winlet 1320 a highly desired solution for installations, where precision is important while positioning items of up to 1320 lbs. The powerful wheel drive makes the Winlet 1320 window lifts ideal not only indoors but also on outdoor terrain.

Unique, compact design

The Winlet 1320 combines superior lifting capacity and reach with an amazingly compact design. Due to its compact size and unmatched lifting capacity, the Winlet 1320 can effortlessly carry components of up to 660 lbs. rotated at the side of the machine, allowing transport through narrow hallways and other places on-site with limited or restricted access.

Its overall low weight enables the Winlet 1320 to travel where heavier machines cannot go due to limited floor loading.

  • Standard Equipment
  • Performance
  • Dimensions
  • Power Source
  • Single door access
  • Remote control box
  • Battery operated
  • Self-propelled
  • Double action safety keys
Max Lifting capacity1322lb
Max load -max extension660lb
Max Lifting height10ft10in
Continuous Rotation360°
Tilt function160°
Batteries2 X 95 AH
Length Stowed6ft2in
Suction cups4
Size4 X 15in