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Winlet 1730

Winlet 1730 – superior lifting capacity and reach

We listened to the customers when they told us they needed a unit with more reach and capacity than the Winlet 1265, yet more compact size than the Winlet 2200. The Winlet 1730 has an impressive reach thanks to its unique double extension feature of the main boom which at the same time makes it extremely compact during transportation. The capacity of 1730 lbs. allows for precise movement of large glass and window elements. Like all fully-hydraulic Winlet models, the Winlet 1730 sports 6 hydraulic functions with both lateral movements and rotation being proportionally and hydraulically controlled.

Maximum safety

The Winlet 1730 does not just offer incredible performance, but also optimal safety. With its ability to handle heavier and longer loads than the Winlet 1265, the Winlet 1730 is equipped with an enhanced safety system that monitors the ratio between the extension of the main boom and vertical position, factoring the actual load factor on the suction cups. Thanks to this system the unit cannot operate outside its safe mode range, and thereby avoid dangerous tip-over situations.

  • Standard Equipment
  • Performance
  • Dimensions
  • Power Source
  • Single door access
  • Battery operated
  • 100% Linear movement in the front
  • Gyro system
  • Self-propelled
  • 100% Hydraulic movements provide highly proportional control and ultra-precise adjustments
  • Strong telescopic arm system
  • Powerful front wheel drive
  • Double action safety keys
Max Lifting capacity1730lb
Max load @max extension220lb
Max lifting height13ft
Tilt function180°
Hydraulic rotation180°
Batteries2 X 150 AH
Operating hours
12 hours-Fully charged
Charging time10-12 Hours
Length Stowed7ft8in – 8ft6in
Suction cups4
Size4 X 16in
Front-wheel drive
24V AC transaxle