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glass manipulators

Winlet 2200

Glass Manipulator – Winlet 2200 

  • Max Lifting Capacity – 2200 lbs
  • Overall Width – 2ft 11in
  • Max Extension – 8ft 4in
  • Tilt Function – 180°
  • Max Lifting Height – 13ft 5in

The Winlet 2200 increases efficiency and speed in glass and window installation while improving safety in the workplace. The Winlet 2200 features 4 suction cups which will hold an impressive 2200 lbs. of material. The Winlet will carry any type of air tight material including: granite, concrete, steel, aluminum, wooden plates, tiles and fire doors just to name a few.  

Other features of the Winlet include:

  • Self propelled
  • Access narrow doorways, elevators and balconies
  • Twin wheels for rough terrain operation
  • User friendly and easy to transport


  • Standard Equipment
  • Performance
  • Dimensions
  • Power Source
  • Single Door Access
  • Battery operated
  • 100% Linear movement in the front
  • Gyro system
  • Self-propelled
  • 100% Hydraulic movements provide highly proportional control and ultra-precise adjustments
  • Strong telescopic arm system
  • Powerful front wheel drive
  • Double action safety keys
Max Lifting capacity2200lb
Max load @max extension660lb
Max side load660lb
Max lifting height13ft5in
Tilt function180°
Batteries2 X 150 AH
Operating hours
12 hours-Fully charged
Charging time10-12 Hours
Height 5ft11in
Length Stowed 6ft10in
Width 2ft11n
Weight 3968lb
Suction cups 4
Size 4 X 16in
8 X 14in
Front wheel drive
24V AC transaxle