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glass manipulators

Winlet 915

Winlet 915 – the game-changer for the glazing industry

The Winlet 915 is a brand-new model and design, aimed to incorporate all the vital functions of the larger Winlet units, yet be nimble, compact and still handle a load up to 915 lbs. and operating at a very competitive price range.

For the first time ever a glass manipulator has been designed from the bottom up based on applicable features found in EN13000 and EN ISO3691 standards (mobile cranes and self-propelled material handling equipment), simply taking safety to a new level.

Both Traditional and Revolutionary

The Winlet 915 is revolutionary in many ways, and the first unit to be offered with either proportional control or a 3-speed version with multiple function ability. Add to this the critical hydraulic side shift directly on the manipulator head (not on the axle), 100% linear movement, and fully hydraulic arm extension.

You of course also get all the standard Winlet hallmark features such as hydraulic power, electronic release of load on remote control, cutting edge CAN Bus control, remote access and all the important safety features that is part of the Winlet DNA.

  • Standard Equipment
  • Performance
  • Dimensions
  • Power Source
  • Single door access
  • Battery operated
  • Powerful front wheel drive
  • All weather terrain tires
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Integrated 2-circuit vacuum system
  • 100% Linear movements at the front
  • Intelligent overload monitoring system
  • Weather resistance design
  • Two choices of controllers
    • Multi-function Controller
    • Proportional Controller
Max Lifting capacity915lb
Max load arm out/in286lb / 915lb
Max side-mounted load440lb
Lifting Height Min/Max
Horizontal cups down
0 / 3ft 5in
Lifting Height Min/Max
Horizontal cups Up
8ft 8in-11ft 4in
Tilt Back43°
Tilt Forward98°
Batteries2 X 90 AH
Operating hours
12 hours-Fully charged
Charging time10-12 Hours
Length Stowed6ft4in
Width w/catch wheels4ft10in
Weight1995 lbs
Suction cups4
Size4 X 12in
Optional size14in or16 in
Front wheel drive
24V AC transaxle