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compact lift


Following in the footprints of the Bluelift B72 that changed the global market for compact lifts, the Bluelift B101 quickly made its own big mark by being very small: At only 10,361 lbs. and less than 20 ft long without the basket, the Bluelift B101 sets a new record as the most compact and versatile 100+ ft compact lift. A brand-new design, storing the telescoping arm between the articulating lower arms allowed for the unmatched compact dimensions. And when you work in confined spaces, size makes a huge difference. So does a record-shattering side-reach of almost 57 ft. The standard features known from the smaller units continue on the Bluelift B101 including most compact lift in its class, adjustable tracks, multiple-position outriggers with knee-joints and side reach in narrow outrigger position. And, like most Bluelift units, offered in 3 power versions:

  • Standard with a Kohler diesel engine
  • Lithium Only offering an all-electric battery unit
  • COMBO offering both the Kohler diesel engine and the Lithium Battery pack.

The Bluelift B101 comes standard with two identical control panels: The wireless remote allows the operator optimal drive view to position the unit safely. The wired control panel in the basket eliminates the need for swapping control boxes, and also serves as a backup should the wireless remote control be lost or malfunction.

The Bluelift B101 quickly earned the nickname “Tallest of the smallest” with its impressive performance but more importantly carrying the Bluelift trademark of ultimate safety.

  • Standard Equipment
  • Performance
  • Dimensions
  • Power Source
  • Auto leveling of outriggers
  • Protection of Outrigger Cylinders
  • Hydraulic leveling platform with closed circuit
  • Non marking tracks
  • Adjustable tracks
  • Proportional track drive with hydraulic brakes
  • Turret rotation 340°
  • Two person basket
  • Basket Rotation + / - 80° - 160°
  • 110V to basket
  • Hetronic wireless remote + 1 fixed in basket
  • Computer controlled (CAN BUS)
  • FMS (Function Memory System)
  • Full work height with 550 lbs in basket
  • Full outreach with 264 lbs* in basket
    *Outriggers in standard position
  • Support Pads
Working height 101ft8in
Platform height 95ft
Max outreach 56ft9in
Basket load-max 550lbs
Basket dims 4ft3in x 2ft6in
Basket rotation +/- 80º
Turret rotation 340º
Travel Speed 0.9 mph
Height 6ft6in
Length (w/o basket) 18ft10in
Length (w/ basket) 21ft1in
Width 3ft3in
Footprint Variable
Weight (approx) 10,361 lbs
Max pressure, tracks 9.47 psi
Track size(per track) 6ft5in X 10in
Max pressure foot pad 109 psi
Foot Pad area 56.96 sq in
Gradeability 35%
Diesel- Kohler STANDARD
Lithium Battery LITHIUM
Diesel/Lithium Battery COMBO