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Compact Aerial Lifts

Bluelift compact aerial lifts have earned their reputation as innovative solutions to unique access challenges. With the exception of two base models, all of these compact aerial lifts offer dual power sources, with the combination of a traditional combustion engine and a lithium battery system, making them the most versatile lifts in their category.

Compact Aerials by Bluelift Offer Innovative Solutions

Compact aerial lifts that are manufactured by Bluelift are sold and serviced through Ruthmann Reachmaster in Porter, TX. Ruthmann Reachmaster offers a premium range of specialized, premium access equipment. With a rich history of supporting customers with innovative access solutions, the company provides sales, technical support & service, annual safety inspections, and spare parts for a unique portfolio of access equipment.

Bluelift compact aerials are the most compact units in their segment from a length, width and height perspective, with dual power sources. A narrow profile and lithium-ion battery system allows them to pass through gates and doorways, which enables their use both indoors and outdoors.  In addition to the Ruthmann Bluelift brand,  Ruthmann Reachmaster also sells and services the Bibbi, Jibbi and Winlet brands.

Compact lifts offered by Ruthmann Reachmaster also include Bibbi, Jibbi and Winlet brands, which offer innovative access solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

Complete Compact Aerial lift Range


Please click on the below links for detailed information on specific Bluelift track mounted aerial lifts available through Ruthmann Reachmaster.

  • Bluelift B101 – Known as the Tallest of the Smallest, the Bluelift B101 is available with a diesel engine, lithium battery system, or both power sources. With a working height of 101 feet, the B101 has a maximum horizontal outreach of 56 feet and a basket capacity of 550 lbs. The Bluelift B101 has a +/- 80º basket rotation 340º turret rotation, and travel speed of 0.9 mph. Most importantly at only 10,361 lbs. it is the lightest lift and has the lowest weight/reach ratio in its class.
  • Bluelift B85 – Utilizing the unique combination of articulating lower arms, telescoping upper arm and a jib, the Bluelift B85 has a working height of 85 feet, and a basket capacity of 550 lbs. The maximum horizontal outreach of the Bluelift B85 is 47 feet with +/- 80º basket rotation, and 340º turret rotation. The B85 has a travel speed of 0.9 mph, and is available with a combustion engine, lithium battery system or both power sources.
  • Bluelift B72 – This innovative unit continues to be a workhorse in rental fleets across the country. The Bluelift B72 was the first compact aerial lift on the market to offer two independent power sources on the same unit. The B72 has a travel speed of 0.9 mph and is equipped with a combustion engine, a lithium battery system, or both power sources. This unit has a working height of 72 feet, and a maximum horizontal outreach of 36 feet. The basket capacity is 550 lbs, +/- 80º basket rotation and 340º turret rotation.

Bluelift B59 – The Bluelift B59 is a very popular compact aerial due to its versatility, size/reach ratio and in particular, its single door access capability. Its working height is 59 feet, and maximum horizontal outreach is 30 feet. The Bluelift B59 has a basket capacity of 507 lbs, a +/- 90º  basket rotation and 340º non-continuous turret rotation. The Bluelift B59 is available with either a combustion engine, a lithium battery system, or both power sources.

Bluelift B53 – The Bluelift B53 is the smallest unit that is available with an engine (gas or diesel), a lithium battery system, or both power sources. With a working height of 52 feet, a maximum horizontal outreach of 24 feet, and a width of only 2 feet, 7 inches, the Bluelift B53 offers maximum maneuverability. The basket capacity of the B53 is 507 lbs, with +/- 90º basket rotation.

Bluelift B35 EB – The Bluelift B35 EB is the only lift in the world that can shrink down to a mere 7 ft 8 in length to fit into a standard elevator, and offers access to areas no other lift can provide. Its revolutionary jib-elevator system furthermore enables safe below-level access over handrails. Intended for indoor and outdoor work, this innovative unit features a lithium battery system that produces no odor or emission. The Bluelift B35 EB has a working height of 34 feet, and a maximum horizontal outreach of 20 feet. Basket capacity is 440 lbs with +/- 90º basket rotation.


Atrium Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Telecommunications, Roofline And Chimney Maintenance, Building Inspection, Municipal Use, General Construction, Tree Care and HVAC

Compact Lifts at Glance

  • Working Height 35 – 101 feet
  • Maximum Outreach 20 – 56 feet
  • Basket load 440 – 550 lbs
  • Overall Width 2′ 10″ – 3′ 3″
  • Overall Height 6ft 6in
  • Total weight 3,384 – 10,361 lbs


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Narrow enough to fit in an elevator

Compact Aerial Lifts With Unique Indoor and Outdoor Uses – Bluelift

Compact aerial lifts by Bluelift greatly simplify access to high atrium maintenance tasks where limited access and floor restrictions apply. Bluelift compact aerial lifts offer safe and efficient access, both indoors and outdoors, and in especially hard-to-reach places. Bluelift units can be set up in narrow stairwells, between elevator banks, next to escalators for outreach over and above escalators, as well as other uniquely difficult-to-maintain public traffic spaces.


Time Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of vehicle mounted aerial lifts, including bucket trucks, digger derricks, cable placers, truck bodies, buckets, and other specialty equipment for electric utility, telecommunications, bridge inspection, tree care and other fleet-supported industries. Through Versalift, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Ruthmann, Steiger, Ecoline, and Bluelift brands, the company provides equipment to co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and distributors. Time Manufacturing Company now employs more than 2000 associates worldwide.


It is our strong belief that over the next few years the sustainability criteria discussed within the linked corporate ESG white paper will play a more influential role in the selection of compact aerial lifts by Bluelift that meet these criteria as governed by the stakeholders in which they serve.


We are well positioned to answer questions about the sustainability of the Bluelift brand, and of Time Manufacturing Company commitment to sustainability.

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