Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts

Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts

Ruthmann Reachmaster is the North American distributor for Ruthmann STEIGER®, Ruthmann EAGLE, and Ruthmann ECOLINE truck mounted aerial lifts. Our lifts range in working envelope from 75 to 295 feet.

Truck-mounted Aerial Lifts Available At Ruthmann Reachmaster

Truck-mounted aerial lifts manufactured for the North American markets by Ruthmann are designed and built to provide innovative solutions to unique access challenges. With working heights that range from 75-295 feet, the truck-mounted aerial lifts that are available through Ruthmann Reachmaster directly support several essential industries, including infrastructure maintenance and inspection services. Aerial lifts available through Ruthmann Reachmaster feature a unique, multi-beveled boom profile that results in smoother operation.

Ruthmann Reachmaster is proud to sell and service Ruthmann STEIGER®, Eagle & Ecoline truck-mounted aerial lifts to customers across the United States and Canada.

Truck-mounted Aerial Lift Service Available through Ruthmann Reachmaster

Ruthmann - Aerial Lifts for More than 120 years

Ruthmann has been solving complex access challenges for more than 120 years.  As the market-leader in high quality aerial lifts in Europe, we are very excited to offer a dedicated line for the United States and Canadian markets.
Ruthmann STEIGER® high reach aerial lifts provide technicians and linemen with uniquely smooth operation across their significant working envelopes. Please click below for detailed information on specific Ruthmann STEIGER® track mounted aerial lifts that are available through Ruthmann Reachmaster.

  • Ruthmann STEIGER® T-166A – These high access aerial lifts feature a working height of 166 feet, horizontal outreach of 98 feet and a basket capacity of 1,300 pounds. As is the case with all three North American Ruthmann STEIGER® units, the Dynamic Reach System is available on the T-166A.
  • Ruthmann STEIGER® T-243A – These high access aerial lifts feature a working height of 243 feet, horizontal outreach of 121 feet and a basket capacity of 1,300 pounds. This unit features 46 feet of below grade reach. The Dynamic Reach System is available for the T-243A.
  • Ruthmann STEIGER® T-295A – Featuring a working height of 295 feet, a horizontal outreach of 137 feet and a basket capacity of 1,300 lbs, these high access aerial lifts feature smooth operation due to unique boom construction and high resolution COCKPIT intelligent control system.

Eagle Truck-mounted Aerial Lifts – Ruthmann Eagle truck mounted aerial lifts offer a powerful height-to-weight ratio, and auto outrigger setting and leveling systems. Eagle units for the North American market weigh under 26,000 lbs, below CDL GVWR. Please click below to learn more about Ruthmann Eagle truck mounted aerial lifts.

  • Ruthmann Eagle T-108A – Featuring 108 feet of working height and 69 feet of outreach Ruthmann Eagle T-108 units, these flexible, efficient units are equipped with the COCKPIT intelligent control system.

Ecoline Truck-mounted Aerial Lifts – Ecoline truck mounted aerials are used by a diverse group of industry professionals. Commonly used for access work in construction, building maintenance, sign and light work and for municipal applications, Ecoline units deliver great value because they are such versatile, lightweight aerials. Please click to learn more about flexible, efficient Ecoline aerial lifts.

  • Ruthmann Ecoline 75A – With the ability to provide a working height of 75 feet and 48.5 feet of horizontal reach on a Ford Transit 250 chassis, the Ecoline 75A has a GVWR of less than 10,000 pounds, and does not require a DOT medical card to operate

Ruthmann Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts

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Truck-mounted Aerial Lifts With Flexibility, Reach and Smooth Operation  

Each truck-mounted aerial offered by Ruthmann Reachmaster provides unique value. The lightest truck mounted aerial weighs less than 10,000 lbs, and offers a working height of 75 feet. The tallest aerial lifts offered by Ruthmann Reachmaster are capable of reaching nearly 300 feet in the air, and are a preferred brand of equipment by electric utility transmission linemen and wind turbine blade maintenance technicians.


Time Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of vehicle mounted aerial lifts, including bucket trucks, digger derricks, cable placers, truck bodies, buckets, and other specialty equipment for electric utility, telecommunications, bridge inspection, tree care and other fleet-supported industries. Through Versalift, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Ruthmann, Steiger, Ecoline, and Bluelift brands, the company provides equipment to co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and distributors. Time Manufacturing Company now employs more than 2000 associates worldwide.

It is our strong belief that over the next few years the sustainability criteria discussed within the linked corporate ESG white paper will play a more influential role in the selection of truck-mounted aerial lifts manufactured by Ruthmann that meet these criteria as governed by the stakeholders in which they serve.

We are well positioned to answer questions about the sustainability of our brand portfolio, and of Time Manufacturing Company’s commitment to sustainability.

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