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Winlet Glass Handling Lifts are truly "State of the Art." Offering tracked and bi-leveling units that operate on multiple terrains in an extremely compact format. With the ability to carry 880 lbs up to 2200 lbs depending model, Winlet Glass Handlers offered by Ruthmann Reachmaster NA can solve your glass installations challenges.


Glass manipulators designed and built by Winlet are truly state of the art equipment. Offering a range of highly compact glass handling units that operate on multiple terrains, Winlet Glass Manipulators can solve every glass installation challenge. Winlet Glass Manipulators Are Available For Purchase in the U.S. and Canada through Ruthmann Reachmaster NA.



WINLET 880c – The Winlet 880c is our smallest and most compact lift. With the unique ability to fit through a standard door frame, the Winlet 880c will allow for maximum versatility and accessibility on almost every jobsite. With a lifting capacity of up to 880 lbs. this machine can accomplish a wide variety of tasks with ease.

WINLET 915 – The Winlet 915 is a game-changer for the glazing industry. A brand-new model and design, the Winlet 915 incorporates the vital functions of larger Winlet units in a nimble, compact package, and can handle a load of up to 915 lbs. This glass manipulator is designed from the bottom up to meet European EN 13000 mobile crane standards, and takes glass manipulator safety to a new level.

WINLET 1265 – The Winlet 1265 Glass Manipulator increases efficiency and speed in glass and window installation while improving safety in the workplace. With a maximum lifting capacity of 1,265 pounds and an overall width of less than three feet, the Winlet 1265 features 180° tilt function and a maximum lifting height of 11 feet, 10 inches.

WINLET 1320 – The Winlet 1320 is a lighter-weight model of glass manipulator that features a higher lifting capacity. The Winlet 1320 window lift is specifically designed for those applications that require a light weight model and the lifting capacity to handle heavier loads. The Winlet 1265 Glass Manipulator can handle up to 1,320 pounds in short-range installations.

WINLET 1730 – The Winlet 1730 glass manipulator features superior lifting capacity and reach. With a unique, double extending boom, his glass manipulator unit addresses tougher access issues, with more reach and capacity than the Winlet 1265, and more compact size than the Winlet 2200. Winlet glass manipulators increase safety, efficiency and speed in glass and window installations.

WINLET 2200 – The Winlet 2200 glass manipulator has a maximum lifting capacity of 2,200 pounds. With an overall width of 2 feet, 11 inches, this maneuverable unit can easily fit through doorways. This glass handler features 180° tilt function and a maximum lifting height of greater than 13 feet. The Winlet 2200 increases efficiency and speed in glass and window installation while improving safety in the workplace.

WINLET 2200T – The Winlet 2200T glass manipulator goes where other equipment can not go!. The innovative Winlet 2200T can access rougher terrain and non-paved areas because it is a bi-leveling, tracked glass manipulator. This unique, all-terrain Winlet glass manipulator increases the safety, efficiency and speed of glass and window installations.

LASIUS 1950 – The Winlet Lasius 1950 is a revolutionary light Pick And Carry Crane (PCC unit), which is based on proven Winlet vacuum lift technology. Designed to give traditional cranes and handling solutions a serious run for their money, the Lasius 1950 can simplify steel construction tasks, machine assembly and the movement of heavy materials.

LASIUS 2200 – The Winlet Lasius 2200 is a revolutionary light Pick And Carry Crane (PCC unit) built upon established Winlet vacuum lift technology. The Lasius 2200 can lift and carry up to 2,200 lbs, and has been designed to perform many tasks traditionally handled by traditional cranes. The Lasius 2200 increases safety, efficiency and speed on the jobsite.

Winlet - lift any airtight material:

Granite, concrete, steel plates, wooden sheets, tiles and marble, fire doors and aluminum sheets and more.



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Winlet glass manipulators feature a lightweight design that enables them to move and operate where heavier units cannot go. This is due to limited floor load capacities. Run on battery power, Winlet glass manipulators have no emissions and so can be operated safely in most environments.


Glass manipulation equipment manufactured by Winlet is designed to be able to access indoor spaces, including interior doorways and elevators.


Winlet glass manipulation equipment is designed and manufactured by GMV Handling A/S, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of product handling equipment. With more than 30 years of industry leadership, GMV Handling A/S is located in Denmark, a nation renowned for its relentless pursuit of technical solutions that can provide a safer and more efficient working environment.

Winlet products are designed and manufactured in a state-of-art production facility, using only the highest quality components. Each glass manipulator unit is subjected to intense testing before leaving the factory.


Time Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of vehicle mounted aerial lifts, including bucket trucks, digger derricks, cable placers, truck bodies, buckets, and other specialty equipment for electric utility, telecommunications, bridge inspection, tree care and other fleet-supported industries. Through Versalift, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Ruthmann, Steiger, Ecoline, Bluelift, France Elévateur, and Movex brands, the company provides equipment to co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and distributors.

Time Manufacturing Company now employs more than 2600 associates worldwide. It is our strong belief that over the next few years the sustainability criteria discussed within the linked corporate ESG white paper will play a more influential role in the selection of truck mounted aerials, compact aerials, and glass manipulators that meet these criteria as governed by the stakeholders in which they serve.

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