Ruthmann T-108A

Eagle, Ruthmann
Building Maintenance, Construction, Electric Utilities, FORESTRY & TREE CARE, Sign, Light & Traffic, Wind Energy, Window Washing
Eagle, Ruthmann

Product Overview

Working Height
108 ft 33 m
Horizontal Reach
69 ft 21 m
Platform Capacity
700 lbs 300 kg
Cockpit Controls
COCKPIT intelligent control system
Reach System
Operator Control System
Platform Rotation
Maximum Vehicle Inclination
32 ft 8 in < 10 m
Platform Size
67 x 34 in 1.7 x .86 m
25,999 lbs
Ford F 650 - 6.7 l Power Stroke Diesel
Straight telescopic boom with jib
Multi-beveled boom profile
Auto outrigger setting and leveling
Air or Hydraulic Brakes available


Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts – Ruthmann Eagle T-108
Truck mounted aerial lifts manufactured by Ruthmann for the US and Canada markets include the Ruthmann Eagle T-108, a unit that offers flexibility, efficiency and savings. This unit is designed for maneuverability and smooth operation, with a maximum working height of 108’, horizontal reach of 69’ and a GVWR of less than 26,000 lbs. 

Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts – Features & Benefits of the Ruthmann Eagle TU-108
Truck mounted aerial lifts that are engineered by Ruthmann have industry leading horizontal reach. The Ruthmann Eagle T-108 does not require a CDL, which adds flexibility and efficiency in its operation as a fleet vehicle. With auto outrigger setting and leveling, and variable jacking available, Eagle T-108 units have a smaller footprint and greater flexibility.  Ideal for the signage industry, the Eagle T-108 will add value to commercial installations of large screens, road signs, billboards and solar panels. Maintenance of cell phone towers, buildings, roofing and parking lot lights can all be easily achieved with the Eagle T-108. 
Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts
Truck mounted aerial lifts presented by Ruthmann Reachmaster have common electronic and hydraulic parts across all products, so parts for Eagle units are relatively easy to deliver, and service issues can be addressed with mobile service operations. On the job, the Eagle T-108 runs smoothly with its multi-bevel boom shape coupled with high resolution controls. With a basket capacity of 700 lbs, Eagle T-108 units can handle most outdoor work with ease of handling. Engineered and built in Germany, Ruthmann Eagle T-108 units for the North American markets have operator selectable wind speed ratings up to 28 mph ( 12.5 m/s). The Ruthmann Eagle T-108 meets the American and Canadian standards of ANSI A92.2 and CSA C225, with 3rd party certification of compliance.

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