Ruthmann T-295A

High Access, Ruthmann, Steiger
Building Maintenance, Electric Utilities, FORESTRY & TREE CARE, Wind Energy, Window Washing
High Access, Ruthmann, Steiger

Product Overview

Working Height
295ft (90m)
Horizontal Reach
137 ft (41.8 m)
Platform Capacity
1300 lb. (590 kg)
Below Grade Reach
78 ft (23.7 m)
Cockpit Controls
COCKPIT intelligent control system
Reach System
Dynamic Reach System
Platform Rotation
Maximum Vehicle Inclination
49'3" (15 m)
Platform Size
12.5 x 3.2 ft (3.82 x 0.97m)
Kenworth T 800 Chassis


Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts – Ruthmann Steiger T-295A High Access Work Platform
Truck mounted aerial lifts that are manufactured by Ruthmann for the North American market include the Ruthmann Steiger T-295A. This high-flexibility (HF) unit is designed for smooth operation at the heights required for vital service and maintenance in the wind turbine and blade maintenance industry.

Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts – Ruthmann Steiger T-295A Specifications
Truck mounted aerial lifts offered through Ruthmann Reachmaster feature one of the tallest bucket truck in North America, at a working height of 295 ft (90 m). The Ruthmann Steiger T-295A offers fleets a horizontal reach of 137’ (41.8 m), the longest horizontal reach in the industry. Because of its common electronic and hydraulic parts across all products, it is the easiest unit in its class to service. Ruthmann Steiger aerial platforms that are made for the US come with optional operator selectable wind speed ratings up to 43 mph (19 meters per second). Operators are confident in the smooth handling of the Ruthmann multi-bevel boom shape coupled with a high resolution COCKPIT intelligent control system. The Ruthmann Steiger T-295A meets the requirements of ANSI A92.2 and CSA C225 with 3rd party certification of compliance.

Truck Mounted Aerial Lift Specifications – Ruthmann Steiger T-295A
Ruthmann Steiger T-295A high access work platforms offer 295’ (90m) of working height, 137’ (41.8 m) of horizontal reach and 78’ (23.7 m) of below-grade reach. With auto-outrigger setting and leveling, and 1,300 lb. (590 kg) platform capacity, this unit comes with selectable wind speed ratings up to 43 mph (19 mps). The T-295A offers smooth operation, with multi-bevel boom shape and high resolution COCKPIT intelligent control system. The T-295A meets ANSI A92.2 and CSA C225 standards.

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