Aerial Work Platform Operator Training

Aerial work platforms are safer than ever, and 80% of all so-called mobile elevating work platform accidents today can be prevented by the operator, either during pre-operational inspection or during the actual operation of the unit. This fact brings training into a very critical focus, not as a byproduct of buying an aerial work platform, but as a critically important element of the process to ensure the safe and effective use of the equipment. Required lift training takes time and effort, and must be considered a vital part of operating lift equipment safely.

MEWP operations require a qualified person to monitor, supervise, and evaluate operators to ensure their compliance with regulations and safe use practices. MEWP supervisor training will enable a person to become qualified for this task.

MEWP operators must be training on both theory knowledge and hands-on practical operations that apply the theory knowledge. The theory course must be successfully completed before attempting to operate a lift during practical training. Practical training can be delivered under direction and evaluation of the qualified trainer, when the trainee shall operate the MEWP for a sufficient period of time to demonstrate proficiency.

Get your IPAF MEWP Theory Operator and Supervisor Training Here:




$50 USD (MEWP Operating Theory Training)





$99 USD (MEWP Supervisor Training)


Custom Aerial Lift Training Programs

Aerial work platform operator training is customized for every customer. Tailoring training programs to customer needs, we develop, maintain and improve training programs for all our equipment, each brand and model specific. Ruthmann Reachmaster and its vendors have been members of IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) for decades and Ruthmann Reachmaster is an IPAF training center.

Aerial Lift Training – History of Success

20 years ago, then ReachMaster, Inc.  implemented mandatory operator training upon delivery of all ReachMaster Falcon compact aerial lifts. This training included registering the operators who received training over the years and issuing individual training certificates at a time where nobody else considered that important. Today Ruthmann Reachmaster continues to be on the forefront of training by offering a number of different training programs on all products we sell.

Operator Training Programs Include: 

  • Initial operator training at delivery of equipment
  • Refreshment courses & new employee training
  • Train-the-trainer courses
  • Load & go training (how to safely load, unload and transport our equipment)
  • IPAF Certified training (limited categories)

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Technical training

Aerial work platforms have steadily become safer, and they have at the same time become more technically advanced to maintain. From digital CAN bus control systems and safety sensors to complex mechanical and hydraulic features, understanding and mastering aerial work platform maintenance has become critically important to operators and owners. 

With Ruthmann Reachmaster technical training, your fleet is prepared to handle an unscheduled maintenance situation, your team has the skills and training to minimize down time, and you have the opportunity to safely and quickly get the unit operational again.

Ruthmann Reachmaster offers technical training to all our dealers for all the products we sell, including:

  • First line of response technical training
  • Level 1 (advanced)
  • Level 2 (supervisor)

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