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compact lift


The BlueLift B35 EB is the only lift in the world that can shrink down to a mere 7 ft 8 in long and 2 ft 6 in wide to fit into a standard elevator, not to mention the only lift that safely will allow you to work below level over guard- and handrails. A revolutionary elevator system on the jib provides below-level access to otherwise impossible-to-reach areas.

Powered by a strong lithium battery system the B35EB works with no odor or emission, providing noise-free and efficient operation. Specifically designed to tackle maintenance needs in shopping malls, the B35EB is equivalently at home in office buildings, airports, hotels & resorts, and museums to name a few applications.

Its reach ratio from negative 6 ft 6 in to positive 35 ft vertical height combined with its remarkable compact and lightweight format makes it the only lift in the world that can gain access to multi-story buildings by use of a standard people elevator.

In short, it is the one-of-a-kind tool that will offer safe reach solutions to maintain the outside of guardrails, handrails, walls to open spaces, and areas over and/or adjacent to escalators and stairs.

  • Standard Equipment
  • Performance
  • Dimensions
  • Power Source
  • Lithium battery
  • Trolley for JIB
  • Single Door Access
  • Non marking tracks
  • Automatic outriggers
  • Self- propelled
  • Turret rotation 340°
  • Two person basket
  • Basket Rotation + / - 90°
  • 110V to basket
  • Hetronic radio remote + 1 fixed in basket
  • Computer controlled (CAN BUS)
  • FMS (Function Memory System)
  • Support Pads
Working height 34ft 8in
Max outreach
20ft 4in w/basket-264 lb
Basket load-max 440lbs
Basket dims 4ft3in x 2ft3in
Basket rotation +/- 90º
Height 6ft 5in
Length (w/o basket) 10ft 2in
Length (w/ basket) 12ft 5in
8ft 11in x 7ft 10in
Weight (approx) 3384 lbs
Weight (w/basket & jib detached) 2854 lbs
Max pressure, tracks 5.52 psi
Track size(per track) 44in x 61/2in
Max pressure foot pad 11.1 psi
Foot Pad area
15-3/4in x 15-3/4in
Turret rotation 340º

Lithium Battery