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Winlet Lasius 1950 – when time is money

The Winlet Lasius 1950 is a revolutionary new so-called PCC unit (pick & carry crane) based on the proven technology found on the Winlet vacuum lifts. The Lasius 1950 is designed to give traditional cranes and handling solutions a serious run for their money.

Thanks to decades of experience with the Winlet technology, developing a compact yet strong PCC was an obvious extension of the product range, and the Lasius 1950 is placed in a market segment that is below the usual 2 tons units which often are too heavy and big for efficient use on job sites. The efficiency of moving materials safely and quickly around on a job site or in a building is directly reflected in savings of time and resources.

Thanks to its battery power source it is equally efficient in-as outdoor

The list of applications for the Winlet Lasius 1950 is endless and the below examples is merely a small sample of situations where the Winlet Lasius 1950 will make a big difference:

  • Erecting steel beams and other building elements
  • Glass and facade installation
  • Machine assembly
  • Repair work and/or replace heavy components
  • Packing of non-palletized goods in containers
  • Moving & installing artwork in museums or exhibition centers
  • Power plant maintenance

Why the strange name “Lasius”?

Lasius is a Latin name for a small, but very species of ants.

As we all know, ants very are small, can get through even the smallest passages with everything they can carry, and despite their minute size, they are incredible strong and persistent. They never give up, they never complain and they work around the clock!

The Winlet Lasius 1950 has the very same characteristics making the name fittingly and well deserved.