Ruthmann aerial platforms solve some of the most challenging and unique access problems that exist. With product ranges that include high access aerial lifts and tracked indoor/outdoor units, Ruthmann equipment is manufactured in Europe and is a quality and innovation leader. Truck mounted equipment ranges in working height from 75 feet to 295 feet, and tracked units range from 33 feet to 101 feet.

Ruthmann equipment is available through Sourcewell, a major American cooperative purchasing organization, that is managed through the state of Minnesota.

Through Ruthmann Reachmaster, located in Porter, TX, Ruthmann and Bluelift product lines are available for purchase to more than 60,000 member organizations through Sourcewell, a public purchasing cooperative. Sourcewell membership is made up of three large contingents: government groups, nonprofit organizations, and schools & universities.

  • Government entities that are Sourcewell members include municipal works, city and park management, county transportation departments, state utility agencies and water districts, and more.
  • Nonprofit entities include national and local groups, health care providers, elder care, basic service providers including food banks and housing authorities.
  • Educational entities include public and private K-12 schools, special education districts, charter schools, community colleges, trade schools and universities.

Sourcewell Membership Benefits

Sourcewell members have the advantage of sourcing a huge variety of items through one channel, while maintaining a pre-negotiated volume-based discount. For example, a school district that is a Sourcewell member is able to purchase heavy equipment, textbooks, school supplies, furniture, building materials, lawn care, sports equipment and technology all in one place. In this way, Sourcewell creates powerful value for its members through a process of simplifying procurement.

Purchasing Ruthmann & Bluelift Aerials through Sourcewell Creates a Powerful Set of Benefits:

  • Transparency – customers clearly understand what they are buying.
  • Pre-negotiated Price – customers automatically receive volume-based pricing that has been negotiated in advance between Time Manufacturing Company and Sourcewell
  • Convenience – customer administrative processes are streamlined and simplified
  • Quality – All Sourcewell vendors have been screened, and only the best are offered. Our premium equipment is uniquely valuable and solves otherwise unsolvable problems.

Become A Sourcewell Member

Your organization may already be a Sourcewell member. Check to see if you already qualify for pre-negotiated pricing. You may have the ability to purchase without going through the compliance bidding process. If you are not already a Sourcewell member, you can easily become one, and earn the ability to purchase high quality equipment more efficiently at


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