2024 Events & Shows


2024 Events & Shows:

Ruthmann Truck Mounted Aerials

Ruthmann is a premium manufacturer of some of the world’s largest and most capable aerial work platforms. Based in Germany, Ruthmann is a Time Manufacturing Company. The company’s North American distributor, Ruthmann Reachmaster, will be attending the Utility Expo with several pieces of equipment, including the T295A, as well as several innovative Bluelift aerial platforms. Other equipment relevant to the electric utility industry will also be on hand.
Ruthmann equipment for the North American market ranges in working heights of 75’ to 300’. Ruthmann product lineup for North America currently includes:
  • Ruthmann 75A 
  • Ruthmann TU-93A
  • Ruthmann T-108A
  • Ruthmann T-166A HF
  • Ruthmann T-243A HF
  • Ruthmann T-295A HF

Bluelift Compact Aerial Platforms

Ruthmann offers a variety of compact aerial lifts through its Bluelift line. Bluelift Compact Aerial Platforms range in working height from 35’ to greater than 100’. Bluelift lineup for North America currently includes:
  • BlueLift B-35 EB
  • BlueLift B-39
  • BlueLift B-53
  • BlueLift B-59
  • BlueLift B-72 COMBO
  • BlueLift B-85
  • BlueLift B-101

Additional products at the Ruthmann Reachmaster booth may include a Winlet Lasius 2200 1 ton pick & carry crane , a Bibi BL26 and a Jibbi 52. Bibi and Jibbi are rough-terrain compact aerial lifts presented by Ruthmann Reachmaster.  Finally we will be showing a Winlet ErgoMover 3300  which is a self-propelled 3300 lbs. capacity all-terrain material carrier.

Covid-19 Guidelines – 2021 Utility Expo

We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all, including our safety policies related to equipment demonstrations. The participants should continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC to ensure a safe experience for all show participants.