Ruthmann TU 93 available for delivery!

We are excited to announce that the Ruthmann TU 93 is now available for immediate delivery! This state-of-the-art aerial work platform is perfect for a variety of applications, including:

  • Construction: The TU 93 can be used to reach high-up areas for construction projects.
  • Maintenance: The TU 93 can be used to inspect and maintain tall buildings and other structures.
  • Utility: The TU 93 can be used for a variety of utility applications, such as power line maintenance and tree trimming.

The TU 93 is equipped with a powerful 2023 Ford F650 engine and a long 93 ft. reach, making it the perfect aerial work platform for any job. Contact Ruthmann Reachmaster today by calling 866-358-7088 or by visiting